NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is the official channel for Plant Empires players to buy, sell, and trade plants and other NFTs using $PEFI and $ROFI (limited). Players need to connect their BEP-20 wallet to Marketplace before they can make trades on it. There are some Mythical and Legendary NFT Plants that can only be found on the Marketplace, so make sure to connect your BEP-20 wallet to recruit the best Plants in the game.

The amount of Gacha Chests and Orbs being sold by the publisher on the Marketplace will be transacted with $PEFI and a limited amount of $ROFI. Meanwhile, users who want to sell/trade Gacha Chests have to unbox first then you can sell/trade on the Marketplace with $BUSD.

Things to be sold and traded on the Marketplace:

  • NFT Plants (from 3 to 6-star)

  • NFT Orbs

  • Holy pack

  • Gacha Chests (contain NFT heroes)

  • (to be updated)

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