Farming mode


Farming is a game mode that allows players to own resources even when offline and doing nothing. Each Plant has a separate Farming Rate, when the Plant farm will generate a type of resource called Seed, Seed is used to craft items.

You need to evolve star level of the Plant to increase the farm rate, thereby speeding up the farming speed. Players will need to pass level 36 of Chapter 1 to unlock Farming mode. Each player will have 1 free slot, open the next slots with gold/gem, and the price will increase with the next opened slots.

Key Features

There are 4 main features of Farming mode

  • Watering: First, the player needs to water to activate Farming mode

  • Stealing: During farming, a player can visit any player's camp to steal a certain amount, and can also be stolen in return.

  • Defense: During farming, players can be attacked by zombies, affecting farm output. So there will be a fence feature to protect the farming plant from zombies

  • Attack: This player can attack another player's farm to prevent that player's farming.

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