Game Model

  • Players can download the game from Google Play and App Store, then log in by email or join as guests. Upon entering the game, players can receive a FREE 1-star Plant, or complete tasks to upgrade the Plant to 2 stars. Please keep in mind that the 1 and 2-star Plants are non-NFT. However, 1-star and 2-star Plants can completely do quests and earn tokens and NFT items in the game, so players can earn real assets without having to make an initial investment in the game.

  • For blockchain players who want to own Plants with higher star levels, they can connect their wallets on Marketplace to buy Gacha Chests and NFT items.

  • For traditional players who just play for fun, and want to own higher-star Plants, they can go to the in-game shop to rent 3-6 stars Plants and items, these Plants and items are non-NFT and are transferred from NFTs that can be rented via the consignment system by blockchain players.

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