Fusion NFT

Fusion is a feature created for the player to combine all the redundant NFT Orbs, NFT Plants, and NFT Pets that the user does not want to use to create NFT Plants, NFT Orbs , and NFT Pets with higher rarity. To use Fusion feature, NFT Orbs, NFT Plants, or NFT Pets must have the same rarity.

For NFT Plants, NFT Orbs, and NFT Pets with 3 stars or more, after fusion, will randomly output 1 NFT Plants, NFT Orbs, or NFT Pets at a higher rarity if Fusion is successful, and random 1 NFT Plants, NFT Orbs, or NFT Pets with the same rarity if Fusion fails.

NFT Orbs, NFT Plants, or NFT Pets after fusion still remain at the same star level. If your Plant and Pet Rarity is Legendary, you can not use the Fusion feature.

Special tips to increase success rate

Players can choose to add Holy Pack to increase the success rate and desired class when using the Fusion feature. Adding this Holy Pack is optional.

When adding a Holy pack to fusion, the fusion rate will change based on what color the Holy pack is. Once the first Holy pack has been added, the following Holy packs will have to be the same color as the previous Holy pack.

Players can add up to 5 Holy packs. Each Holy pack will increase the fusion success rate according to the table below. Each Holy pack increases the desired class output rate by 3%.

Success Rate when adding Holy packs

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