Plant Empires

How to farm

Player will select a random slot, choose a Plant to grow, and water to activate Farming Process.
Farming Game play

Farm and Harvest

Players can harvest resources based on FR, with each FR corresponding to the number of resource farms after 1 block time ( 1 block time = 1 hour).
Block time can be reduced depending on skill or orbs that support Farming. Water will maintain the Farming process until the Plant runs out of water, if this happens but still in block time, Farming process will stop.
Every day the player will be given a certain amount of FREE water, each plant needs a different amount of water to maintain the Farming process (based on the water cost index - the amount of water needed to Farm in 1 hour). Players can watch ads or buy more water in Shop.
Watercost to grow Plants
Resources are generated randomly according to the ratio in the data table below and will be controlled by the server.
Farming resources

Farming Rate (FR)

When you have started the Farming process, Plant will farm according to Farming Rate (FR). Farming Rate is an index that shows how many resources players can harvest in 1 block time. Plants in the farming process, if brought into PVE/PVP, the farming process will be canceled.
FR index for Farmer class
FR index for other class

How to reduce harvest time

Players can reduce harvest time by watching ads or using gPEFI. For each plant in 1 block time, use gPEFI can reduce harvest time by 40%. Players can also watch ads to reduce harvest time by 10%. Every each farming process in 1 slot, players can only use gPEFI and watch ads only once.
gPEFI cost to reduce 30% harvest time
FR <= 10
30 gPEFI
FR <= 20
60 gPEFI
FR <= 30
90 gPEFI
FR <= 50
150 gPEFI
FR > 50
180 gPEFI