Pokies Spin

Players will have maximum of 10 spins with Pokies Spin, you will get 1 spin per hour. At the end of the day, spin turns will reset and revive those 10 spins. Additional purchases will not be reset the next day.

If you spin the Steal or Attack feature, you will be transferred to any other player's farm according to the random rules of Plant Empires. Players can spin Gold, Steal, Attack, and Energy to continue spinning the Pokies Spin, or Shield to defend when stolen or attacked.

Steal Feature

With Steal feature, the opponent's slots will be hidden and put in random positions, the player who steals will have to choose any position and if he wins the slot with nothing, he will not receive anything.

If stolen, the player's farm will be notified of what has been stolen. Players can only prevent stealing by using Pets with anti-theft features

Attack feature

The Attack feature is similar to the Steal feature, if the attack hits the slot with the Plant, the player will receive Gold, and the missed attack will get nothing. With the Attack feature, instead of stealing resources, it will attack and lose the player's farming process. Attack hits the Shield, the opponent will lose 1 Shield.

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