Holy and Holy Pack

To upgrade the star level of your Plants, you will need to collect Jewelry. There are 2 types of materials: Shard and Crystals that you can gather in-game by passing levels in PvE Mode( Story Mode). Then you can combine them into Holy and mint Holy into Holy pack to evolve your Plants.

Holy and Holy packs are important materials to upgrade NFT Plants and Orbs. You can only collect materials to create Holy and Holy packs when passing levels in PvE mode( Story Mode). When you have collected enough Shards and Crystals, you can combine them to create Holy. Then you can mint Holy packs on Plant Empires' Marketplace to upgrade the star levels of your Plants.

How to gather materials to create a Holy pack

There are many ways to collect materials to combine Holy packs. You can gather Shards and Crystals by passing levels in Story mode and fighting in Monster events

  • 1 Crystal = 10 Shards

  • 1 holy = 10 Crystals

  • 1 Holy pack = 5 Holies

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