Story Mode (PvE)

Players can combine to create the strongest team possible. A complete squad will have up to four plants and can add items such as healing potions and mana to use during the game. The maximum amount of each type of potion that can be carried into a match is three.

Every time a player completes a level, they will receive EXP and gold for each plant participating in that match and a number of tickets to use on the Lucky Ticket.

In addition, our system will include a table of each squad's combat strength based on the strength of the total plants in the team, allowing players to determine whether or not they can pass this level.


The reward for each level will be displayed right before you begin the competition. Among the Story Mode rewards are:

  • Gold

  • Orb Box (Has a certain ratio)

Details on Orb Box you can be read here.


Missions in Plant Empires are completed based on a player's PVE matches. There are three chapters. Quest is divided into Main Quest and Sub Quest.

Players who complete any mission will receive the mission's reward, calculated from the PVE pool and distributed proportionally to the mission's difficulty.

The quest's reward will be the Lucky Ticket. Users will be able to receive $PEFI by spinning the Lucky Ticket.

Lucky Ticket Rewards:

  • PEFI.

  • Gold.

  • Gem.

  • PvP Ticket.

  • Revival

  • HP Small

  • Mana Small

  • Mana Medium

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