In-game events


In addition to two game modes, PvE(Story Mode) and PvP(Arena Mode), Plant Empires also has interesting in-game events. Especially when joining in and conquering the level in this event, you will receive rewards that are more valuable, so please pay close attention and participate in these events happening at a specific time frame during the day!

Specific time frame and rewards of in-game event:

There are two main events during the day: Monster event and Boss Event

Monster Event

Monster Event is the event happening right in Plant Empires from level 15th of Chapter 1(Abandoned Park), there are undead Monsters waiting for you, and prepare the ultimate team to battle against them, protect the Earth and save Humanity.

This event will appear according to a specific time frame as we have listed down below. Each time frame will drop a specific item.

  • From 3 AM UTC to 4 AM UTC: EXP

  • From 7 AM UTC to 8 AM UTC: Random Crystal

  • From 16 PM UTC to 17PM UTC: Gold

  • From 19 PM UTC to 20 PM UTC: Random Crystal

  • From 0 AM UTC to 1 AM UTC: Random Crystal

Remember that the amount of Crystal dropped in each event is limited. Therefore, make sure that you have known all the time frames of the event and join Plant Empires on Google Play to experience these events.

Boss Event

Boss event will also appear at a specific time, however, Boss will not be fixed at a certain level, users will face their Boss at a different level. For example, In chapter 1(Abandoned Park), Boss may appear at level 20 but in Chapter 2(Ghost City), Boss may appear at level 10.

Prepare your team, upgrade your plants and be ready to defeat the Boss and claim Special Orb Boxes which have a high rate of valuable orb dropping. In each event, the number of Boxes dropped is limited so beware of the time and take your chances to claim one.

This event will appear according to a specific time frame as we have listed down below. Each time frame will appear different Bosses.

From 10 AM UTC to 11 AM UTC: Boss in Chapter 1: King Clown

King Clown has no more innocent, humorous image as we always think about. Now, he is going insane for being heard too many “I hate clown”. Shhhhh. Don’t say anything and be careful, he gonna appear at any time just to attack you.

From 22 PM UTC to 23 PM UTC: Boss in Chapter 2: Project M

Wake up at an unidentified scientific lab with heavy devices on his body, he forgot his past except for his name, Project M. From the moment of being conscious, something urges him to clear everything on the way to find his true self.

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