Time flies and our plants seem to be lonely through days fending off those villainous zombies. It is time to give them a sidekick and spice up the battles. Introducing adorable pets to the fights of Plant Empires, the perfect companion for your Plant soldiers.

One single pet can be attached to a Plant in your team and participate in the battle with its ‘hosted’ Plant. Pet cannot be targeted by enemies, but it will die when its host is dead. Until its host is revived, the pet is disabled or needed to revive separately.

Condition to use Pets: Please note that Plants cannot equip pets with higher rarity to themselves. Referring to the following table for details:

Plant's rarityPet's Rarity that can be equipped




Common, Unccommon


Common, Unccommon, Mythical


Common, Unccommon, Mythical, Rare


*All rarity*

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