Plant Empires

Arena Mode: Rarity Battle

"Only people of the same rank can fight each other" - Arena Mode now has a new form called Rarity Battle, in which Plants with Rarity can fight each other.
3 Tiers of Rarity Battle:
  • Rare Plant vs Rare Plant
  • Mythical Plant vs Mythical Plant
  • Legendary Plant vs Legendary Plant
Mechanisms and awards:
  • At a constant exchange rate, players purchase participation tickets with $PEFI. The prices for various Rarity classes will vary.
  • Reward Pool is separate. The Reward is calculated based on the total number of tickets purchased by participants in each Rarity tier. The Reward Pool will be 80% of the total ticket value of the players in the three Rarity tiers in each season, with the remaining 15% of the value pooled in the following season and 5% going to the organizer.
  • The publisher will support the Reward Pool from our Tokenomic fund in the first season.
The first season is set to begin on October 26th.
$PEFI per Ticket
Reward Pool
  • The point calculation, date of resetting points, and other rules are the same as in the original Arena mode.