Consignment System

Users can consign NFTs such as Plants and Orbs to the Publisher. After receiving NFT assets from users, the system will convert these NFTs assets into In-game assets, and the traditional user community will be able to RENT these assets for a better and more powerful gaming experience.

NFT owners will be paid based on the number of rents or days their property is rented. Before being delivered to the traditional user community, NFTs assets will be identified and valued by the publisher. This activity's revenue allocation stream falls under the IAP and is allocated as follows:

  • Google Play + Tax fee: 35%

  • Publisher: 15% (collected after 45 days)

  • NFTs owners: 50% (collected after 45 days)

This system was created to connect blockchain users to non-blockchain users in the game, letting both groups of gamers make trades with each other, helping them trade more easily, and strengthening the game economics.


  • The system will initially apply this system to Plants before gradually unlocking other items.

  • Expected implementation time: End of Q3

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