Gacha Chest

Plants may level up by defeating enemies, and when they reach a particular level, they can evolve. Plants are one-of-a-kind characters that players may add to their party to help them win in fights. Each Plant has its own set of talents, battle stats, and combat components. As a result, Plant Empires would like to introduce a brand new product called Gacha Chest, a product that allows players to obtain NFT Plants which have an unlimited amount of strength and powers to defeat evil zombies.

There are 5 types of Gacha Chest:

  • Gold Gacha Chest

  • Platinum Gacha Chest

  • Herald Gacha Chest

  • Ruby Gacha Chest

  • Diamond Gacha Chest

Total Supply:

AssetsQuantity of Chests

Gold Gacha Chest


Platinum Gacha Chest


Herald Gacha Chest


Ruby Gacha Chest


Diamond Gacha Chest


Total Supply


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