Zombie attack

During Farming process, Plants will be attacked by Zombies anytime to reduce farm resources. Players can use Trap to prevent Zombies Attacks or always open Farm land to kill zombies when they enter.

Spin the Pokies Spin to own Trap, an item to protect Plants from Zombies Attacks while players are not in Farm Land. Trap will only disappear when Zombies have attacked. You can only set Trap before the zombies appear.

Players will be attacked after watering, the amount of time your Farm land is under attack is X minutes ( X is a random number, X>1 and X<1 block time (=1 hour). While players are in Farm land when Zombies attack, they can slice to kill Zombies.

If you survive, farm resources will remain untouched. If not, the farming process will be stopped and your resources will be reduced or disappear.

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